Our aluminum understructure is strong, durable, and compatible with all of our aluminum panels. Our heavy duty pedestal assemblies can be made to handle seismically active regions. Our stringers are designed to effortlessly support the panel and lock into the pedestal head for extra stability and accidental adjustment prevention. All pedestal assemblies are shown with optional grounding pads interlaced with conductive wiring.

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The AFS SB-620 pedestal assembly features a 6" square base with a 2" diameter tube with a 1" stainless steel stud, two stainless steel jam nuts, and our standard PH 24C head. Shown with stringers that provide additional lateral support. Stainless Steel stud not compatible with AT 4 or WE 4 Bases. Axial Load at 36" Finished floor height: 20,000 LBS.